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The chemical intermediates plays a critical role in the production of a vast array of products, serving as the backbone of numerous manufacturing processes across various sectors. These intermediates are essential for synthesizing a wide range of chemicals that find applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, personal care, and more. At Elchemy, we offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality chemical intermediates designed to meet the precise needs of your manufacturing processes. Our extensive product range includes alcohols, alkalis and bases, deicing agents, drying agents, inorganic acids, intermediates, metal processing additives, and solvents. Trust Elchemy to provide the reliable solutions you need for efficient and effective chemical production.


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Why Elchemy

Elchemy excels in the chemical intermediates industry by leveraging advanced technology and operational efficiencies to deliver superior value to our customers. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality intermediates essential for various manufacturing applications. Furthermore, Elchemy's commitment to quality assurance ensures that every chemical we supply meets the highest industry standards. Our stringent quality control processes and dedicated customer support ensure you receive consistent, reliable products tailored to your specific requirements.

Our digital platform provides a seamless, single-stop solution for all your documentation needs, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. With live shipment tracking, you can monitor your orders in real-time, allowing for precise planning and timely adjustments to your supply chain. By choosing Elchemy, you benefit from our economies of scale and operational efficiencies, resulting in competitive pricing and the shortest lead times in the industry. We are not just a supplier; we are your strategic partner in achieving optimal Chemical Intermediates solutions.

Key Benefits to Work with Elchemy

  • Competitive Pricing

    Benefit from our economies of scale to receive high-quality chemicals at better costs.

  • Digital Platform

    Access a comprehensive digital solution for all documentation and shipment needs.

  • Live Shipment Tracking

    Monitor your orders in real-time for enhanced supply chain management.

  • Shortest Lead Times

    Experience rapid delivery times due to our operational efficiencies.

  • Quality Assurance

    Rely on our stringent quality control processes for consistent, reliable products.

  • Exceptional Support

    Receive dedicated assistance at every step, ensuring your specific requirements are met.


Other Industries

Water Treatment & Mining
Oil and Gas
Personal Care
Food and Nutrition
Flavours and Fragrance
Home Care and Industrial Cleaning

Applications and Products for Chemical Intermediates


Phenoxyethanol: Used as a solvent and preservative in various chemical formulations, ensuring stability and efficacy.

Alkalis & Bases

Caustic Soda Flakes: Strong base used in a variety of chemical manufacturing processes.
Caustic Soda Lye: Essential for saponification and other chemical reactions.
Soda Ash: Used in the production of glass, detergents, and other industrial products.
Potassium Hydroxide: Key ingredient in the production of fertilizers, soaps, and batteries.
Calcium Hydroxide: Used in water treatment, food processing, and construction materials.
Calcium Carbonate: Widely used as a filler in plastics, paint, and paper production.

Deicing Agents

Calcium Chloride (Anhydrous): Effective for ice control and dust suppression in industrial applications.
Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate): Utilized for its hygroscopic properties in deicing and moisture control.

Drying Agents

Calcium Chloride (Anhydrous): Used as a desiccant to control humidity in various industrial processes.
Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate): Applied in drying applications to absorb moisture and maintain product quality.

Inorganic Acids

Sulphuric Acid: Fundamental in the production of fertilizers, chemicals, and petroleum refining.
Hydrochloric Acid: Used in steel production, food processing, and as a pH regulator in various industries.


Ethylenedinitrilo Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA): Chelating agent used in cleaning products and water treatment.
Citric Acid: Acts as an acidulant and chelating agent in food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
Phosphoric Acid: Used in the manufacture of fertilizers, detergents, and food additives.
Glacial Acetic Acid: Essential for producing vinyl acetate monomer, acetic anhydride, and ester production.
Phenol: Key ingredient in the production of plastics, resins, and pharmaceuticals.
Formaldehyde: Used in the production of resins, textiles, and as a disinfectant.
Hydrochloric Acid: Essential for various chemical synthesis processes and pH control.

Metal Processing Additives

Barite: Used as a weighting agent in drilling fluids and in the production of barium compounds.


Phenoxyethanol: Solvent used for its high boiling point and stability in formulations.
Acetone: Common solvent used in chemical synthesis and cleaning applications.
Methyl Ethyl Ketone: Solvent with excellent solvency properties used in coatings and adhesives.
Formaldehyde: Used as a solvent in various industrial applications and chemical manufacturing.

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