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Newsletter May 2024

News Summary

Caustic Soda

Adani Group Plans India's Largest Chlor-Alkali Project with Nuberg EPC

Methylene Chloride

EPA Finalizes the Ban on Methylene Chloride

Ethyl Acetate

Europe's First Green Ethyl Acetate Plant

Hydrogen Peroxide

Evonik Introduces Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Peroxide in Europe

Titanium Dioxide

Singapore's Plan to Coat Buildings May Improve TiO2 Demand

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Caustic Soda

Adani Group Plans India's Largest Chlor-Alkali Project with Nuberg EPC

Nuberg EPC has secured a contract to construct India's largest Chlor-Alkali project for Mundra Petrochemical Ltd. (MPL), a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, with a capacity of 2200 ton/d. Located in Gujarat, the project aims to produce essential chemicals like Caustic Soda for MPL's Green PVC Project. The 15-month project encompasses full EPCM services, ensuring quality and efficiency. This endeavor signifies India's industrial progress and Nuberg EPC's commitment to driving it forward, leveraging their expertise in Chlor-Alkali production. The project underscores MPL's strategic expansion plans and the Adani Group's dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Image Credit: India Television

Chandra Asri Group's Renewable Energy Endeavor to Power Its Caustic Soda and Ethylene Dichloride Plant in Indonesia

PT Chandra Asri Pacific Tbk partners with Perum Jasa Tirta II to explore renewable energy options for their CA-EDC plant in Indonesia, aiming to align with the country's Net Zero Emissions target by 2060. The collaboration focuses on feasibility studies for Solar and Hydro Power Plants to meet the plant's increasing electricity demand, set to reach 340 MW by 2026. Chandra Asri Group emphasizes sustainability, viewing the partnership as crucial for operating the CA-EDC plant with green energy. The plant's construction, with an annual production capacity exceeding 400,000 tons of Caustic Soda and 500,000 tons of Ethylene Dichloride, will bolster Indonesia's chemical industry and contribute to the global electric vehicle supply chain.

Image Credit: Valve World

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd Pursues Carbon Neutrality with EY-Parthenon Partnership

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd, a Chennai-based industrial chemicals manufacturer, has enlisted EY-Parthenon to aid in its carbon-neutral objectives. They plan to develop a roadmap for emission reduction, focusing on Scope 1 and 2 emissions, with interventions like clean energy substitution and process efficiency. The collaboration underscores their commitment to sustainability, aligning with Science-Based Targets. Vice-Chairman Ashwin Muthiah emphasizes their proactive stance towards climate objectives. EY-Parthenon aims to assist in reaching emission reduction targets while fostering industry-wide change. TPL, a 40-year-old company producing caustic soda among other chemicals, prioritizes environmental stewardship through this partnership with EY-Parthenon.

Image Credit: Science News Explores

Ethyl Acetate

Europe's First Green Ethyl Acetate Plant

CropEnergies is pioneering Europe's first green ethyl acetate production plant in Germany. Utilizing sustainable ethanol, the facility at Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park will slash fossil carbon emissions, promoting chemical industry sustainability. Valued at 120-130 million euros, the investment promises heightened supply security and reduced environmental impact. Scheduled for completion by late 2025, the venture anticipates generating approximately 50 skilled jobs, fostering economic growth in the Burgenland district. This initiative marks CropEnergies' foray into bio-based chemicals, signaling a significant stride towards a greener future for ethyl acetate production in Europe.

Image Credit: Bioenergy International

Turkey Launches Safeguard Investigation on Ethyl Acetate Imports

Turkey has launched a safeguard investigation on ethyl acetate, notifying the WTO's Committee on Safeguards. Commencing on April 6, 2024, the investigation aims to assess whether increased ethyl acetate imports are causing or could cause serious harm to Turkey's domestic industry. Stakeholders, including importers and exporters, can present evidence during the investigation process. If deemed necessary, temporary import restrictions may be imposed. Ethyl acetate is widely used in industries such as paints and adhesives. The Directorate General for Imports, Department of Safeguards, in Ankara, oversees the investigation, with inquiries directed to the Ministry of Trade.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Evonik Introduces Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Peroxide in Europe

Evonik launches carbon-neutral hydrogen peroxide in Europe, accompanied by "Way to GO2" certificates, aligning with its sustainability strategy. The initiative offers customers high-quality H2O2 while reducing Scope 3 emissions in their value chains. Independently audited by TÜV Rheinland, Evonik's approach ensures credibility. Global beauty leader Wella Company adopts Evonik's certified hydrogen peroxide, showcasing commitment to environmental sustainability. Evonik's Active Oxygens business line leads the transformation to climate-neutral production, employing renewable energy and green hydrogen. Hydrogen peroxide's downstream application enhances process sustainability, as it naturally decomposes into water and oxygen. Evonik's introduction signifies a significant stride towards sustainability in the European market.

Image Credit: Evonik Industries

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Increasing Hydrogen Peroxide Production Capacity at Texas Plant

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) is ramping up its production capacity for ultrapure hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide, vital cleaning agents in semiconductor manufacturing. With an eye on the surging demand from local chip fabrication plants, MGC is expanding its facility in Killeen, Texas, and a similar one in Oregon. The move underscores MGC's commitment to meet market demands and solidify its position as the largest North American supplier of these critical electronic chemicals. Additionally, MGC is diversifying into other functional chemicals essential in semiconductor production, further consolidating its global market dominance.

Image Credit: Fibre2Fashion

Evonik's Canadian Plant Sale Ensures Market Competition in Hydrogen Peroxide Sector

Evonik Industries, a German specialty chemicals maker, has agreed to sell its Prince George plant in Canada to address concerns from the Canadian Competition Bureau regarding its proposed acquisition of US-based PeroxyChem. The sale aims to maintain competitive rivalry in the hydrogen peroxide market, avoiding a monopoly situation. Hydrogen peroxide is crucial in various sectors like pulp and paper, oil, gas, and mining. The Competition Bureau has approved the sale of the plant to United Initiators, a German chemicals manufacturer, ensuring continued market competition. This move reflects the significance of regional manufacturing in the hydrogen peroxide industry to minimize transportation costs.