Citric Acid – Physical & Chemical Properties

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Citric acid, a versatile organic acid found naturally in citrus fruits and many other plants, serves a multitude of purposes across various industries. This compound, characterized by its odourless, free-flowing, white crystalline powder form, due to which it finds extensive use in food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household cleaning products.

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
Molecular FormulaC6H8O7 (Anhydrous)
Relative Molecular Mass

192.12 (Anhydrous)

210.14 (Monohydrate)

Boiling PointN/A
Melting Point153°C (307°F)
Specific Gravity1.665
Solubility in Water134 G/100G WATER (appreciable)
Corrosion Rate (IPY)N/A
Density1.665 g/ml
Vapour Pressure (MM Hg/70 F)N/A
Decomposition TemperatureN/A
Evaporation Rate and RefN/A


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