What are the applications of Cocamido Propyl Betaine (CAPB)?

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Cocamido propyl Betaine (CAPB), a versatile chemical compound widely utilized in various industries. From personal care products to industrial applications, CAPB offers exceptional surfactant properties, making it a key ingredient in formulations ranging from shampoos and body washes to household cleaners and agricultural solutions. 

Personal Care & Home Care Industry

ShampoosAs a foam booster
Shaving creamAs a foaming agent & thickening agent
ToothpasteSupportive surfactant
Hair ConditionersAntistatic agent
Household cleanersAs a co-surfactant & cleaning agent
Facial CleansersEmulsifying agent, thickener
Laundry DetergentsMedium-strength surfactant
Liquid soapsMedium-strength surfactant
Hand soapsMedium-strength surfactant
Bath GelsCo-surfactant

Cosmetics Industry

Skin care productsEmulsifying agent, thickener & to reduce irritation caused by ionic surfactants
Cleansing lotionsAs an emulsifying agent & thickener
Baby productsAs co-surfactants
Hair coloring kitsAs a surfactant & emulsifying agent
Makeup removersEmulsifying agent

Other Industries

Antiseptics, gynaecologic & anal hygiene productsAs a supportive surfactant & emulsifying agent
Animal Husbandry ProductsAs an emulsifying agent
Construction SectorAs a surfactant


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