CAPB- Physical & Chemical Properties

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Cocamido propyl betaine, a versatile amphoteric surfactant widely used in personal care products, exhibits a range of intriguing physical and chemical properties. The following table presents a overview of its key physical and chemical attributes, essential for understanding its applications.

Physical StateLiquid
ColorLight Yellow
Odor ThresholdN/A
pH6 – 7
Melting/Freezing Point-8°C (18°F)
Boiling Point>100°C (212°F)
Flash Point>100°C (212°F)
Evaporation RateN/A
Flammability (solid, gas)N/A
Flammability/Explosion LimitsN/A
Vapor Pressure @ 20°CN/A
Vapor DensityN/A
Specific Gravity1.05
Density8.75 lbs/gal
Solubility in WaterComplete
Partition CoefficientN/A
Autoignition TemperatureN/A
Decomposition TemperatureN/A
Viscosity15 cPs


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